Dawn from [ Ghostzoo.com ] :

2-22-02: Erin, I really enjoy your Eloise site and I'd like to give it the Michigan
Phenomena Full Moon Award & The Intellect Award. You've gone a great job!
Not only is the content original and great reading, the design of the site
is very organized and well put together.

4-10-02: Hi! I just wanted you to know that I was Ghostly Talk Radio (a local
internet radio show) and Eloise came up. I plugged your Eloise website
as the Best Eloise Website out there (Cause it is). I don't you think
you'd mind, but I wanted you to know.

Here is the address to Ghostly Talks website:

Click on Archives and then Show #3 to here your websites great review!


Amy D. from [ Marshallartz.com ] :

4-11-02: Hello.... My
name is Amy, I am the research/operations Mgr. of Mid Michigan Ghost Hunters Society. I just wanted to say, I came across your site last night and spent a good hour on it, it is VERY informative, I think you have done a fantastic job!! I have been amazed by Eloise and its stories since I was a kid, I have to admit, the more I read, the more fascinating it becomes. I have been to the grounds to take pix and I have also checked out the museum, very cool as well. Anyways, just had to tell you how impressed I was with your work. GREAT JOB!!!!!!

4-22-02: Hello, We here at MMGHS have been intrigued by your site for sometime now. Our Research Manager (Amy Dekle)decided to enter your site into our site award contest. The information your site has given us is by far the best information we have found on the net. Most of the people in our Society are from Westland, Mi so your site is a real treat for us. Thanks for everything and please be proud to place this award on your site. If you want to link it back to that is great, if not then that is fine too.