Well, well well. You wanna get in touch with the psychos behind Tales of Eloise, eh? Alrighty then. Here's what you do:
  • 1. Find some masking tape, and cut two strips from the roll.
  • 2. Then fix them in an "X" (Neatly, please!) in your bedroom window.
  • 3. Shine some kind of light (Like a flashlight or maybe your desktop lamp) onto it, and voila!

OK, OK, don't get mad, I was just messin with ya. The truth IS out there, I just don't know where to begin searching for it (or where to search), and my exploring won't start here. So what if I take "The X-Files" a smidge too seriously?

So, for real... If you've got any questions, comments, ideas or otherwise, just drop us a line at one of the email address below!

*** Please cleary label your emails in the subject line as something pertaining to Eloise (i.e., Eloise or Geneology research, etc). We get alot of spam on our mail server and anything suspicious or unclear will be automatically deleted.***

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