Using our own knowledge of the Eloise complex, we have created two maps to help you better understand the grounds yourself. To view it, click here.

To get a black and white printable version click here.

Eloise itself is located at 30712 Michigan Avenue, In Westland Michigan. For specific directions from your house to Eloise, please visit www.mapquest.com.

Eloise Cemetery, or Potter's Field, is located on Henry Ruff Rd. directly across the street from the apartment buildings, south of Michigan Ave. To get in, find the gates (that are open if you're lucky!) that open up right in front of the Michigan, RC airplane club sign. The cemetery is behind the sign, enclosed within a rectangle of pine trees. There is no "NO TRESPASSING" sign, but entering the cemetery also depends on if the gate to the grounds is locked.

Remember we do not condone or encourage the entrance of ANY property without permission. If you see a NO TRESPASSING sign or any other words of caution, please take heed! Otherwise, We see no harm or foul in taking a picture, but please don't get destructive.