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UPDATE! 12-22-08 - Read ENTIRE Stanislas M. Keenan's "History Of Eloise" circa 1913 ONLINE!
UPDATE! 12-02-08:
New Eloise Cemetery photo gallery. Thanks Malena!
UPDATE! 11-15-07:
Added the Michigan Central Railroad Depots to the Building Appendix.
UPDATE! 10-13-07:
WCGH newsletter added to documentation page. Thanks Malena!
UPDATE! 10-11-07:
Eloise historical marker unveiling - Westland Observer
UPDATE! 9-05-07:
Added admittance paper to documentation page. Thanks Rosalie!
UPDATE! 7-31-07:
Added death certificate to documentation page. Thanks James!

Do you have a great story, photo or other artifact????

If you have any of the above, please feel free to share your story, memory, artifact, photo, etc with us here at Tales Of Eloise. It may end up on our main site!

I am always open and ready to recieve any stories, comments or otherwise you have about Eloise. Even the ghost ones are welcome! If you believe you have had an experience there or have had one in the past, please share via e-mail.


Thanks! Erin - Tales Of Eloise founder

A View of the Past

FROM OUR E-MAIL: Attached is a post card of the Detroit, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor & Jackson
Railroad station at Eloise. According to HISTORY OF ELOISE (1913) Page 357, the first electric rail car reached Eloise on April 24, 1898. The motorman (driver) on that car was Daniel Sullivan a former Eloise
employee. Dan Sullivan is my great-grandfather and I have the original HISTORY OF ELOISE book that was given to him. - THOMAS P.


William J. Seymour hospital ("C" Building) Submitted by Kathleen Abbey. Dr. Seymour organized the first medical staff at Eloise. Therefore, a hospital on the grounds was appropriately deemed the William J. Seymour Hospital. You can read more about the hospital in our detailed Building Appendix.

NEW Eloise Historical Marker!

Thanks to Malena and Partybag for these pics! :)

We here at simply wish to document the historical value of the Eloise Complex. We haven't directly mentioned any ghosts or confirmed any sighting. Again, we are doing the site because of the historical value we feel Eloise has and thought it should have it's own piece of webspace. We realize that a place like Eloise would generate that type of interest. This site does not revolve around those ghost stories at all.

In no way do we condone or encourage the destruction of property on Eloise grounds or any other property mentioned on this site! Do not email us inquiring about the best way to get into the abandoned buildings or the Kay Beard. I recommend visiting the museum inside the Kay Beard and to avoid anything that would bring about legal repercussions! This site is informational and wishes to document the historical value of the Institution. Ghosts are rumored to roam the grounds of
what once was Eloise.. Leave the hell-raising to them!

We hope you enjoy the site!!

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