After closing it's doors in 1981, The grounds of Eloise (Wayne County General Hospital ca. 1945) has been virtually cleared, leaving only four of the original buildings intact. Most was razed in the mid-to-late 80's, except for the Wayne County General Hospital which finally met the wrecking ball in 1999.

Over the last 10 years, Wayne County has sold almost all of Eloise's 902-acre grounds to the Ford
Motor Company and their developers. Some of the property also went towards building the Inkster Valley Golf Course.

The "D" building, as it is in 2006.
All that remains on the land today is a five-story brick hospital located at the very front of the grounds (Was once known as "D" Building but is now the Kay Beard Building which houses county offices)... And several smaller structures: an old fire station, one powerhouse, the famous "ELOISE" smokestack, a bakery and a commissary; most located behind Kay Beard and in a dilapidated state. 22 acres, however, are still owned by Wayne County and await development.

Recently, a piece of the famed smokestack broke away and fell to the ground, prompting the county to debate the future of what remains of Eloise.

There are little remaining remnants of Eloise on the SOUTH GROUNDS (farming grounds) that Eloise used. Most of it is an overgrown field, and there are still crops growing there to this day. The Michigan Signal Seekers (they fly remote control planes) use some of the land, and the cemetery is located behind their gate.
The cemetery is the final resting place of more than 7,000 poor residents or persons who had no family to claim them upon their deaths. There is also a viaduct running under the train tracks that was used by employees to commute to and from the main grounds under the tracks, plus an artificial lake.

You can visit the official Eloise Museum which is located in the main hall of the Kay Beard and open weekdays 9 AM to 4 PM). Contributions to the project are to be directed through the Friends of Eloise group.

View aerial photos of Eloise from her heyday to the present day. Some aerial photographs are from the DTE Aerial Photo Collection.

Eloise Then and Now.

These videos are courtesy of Tim from northville-tunnels.com. Windows media player is required to view the footage.

1985 (original) [ part 1 ] [ part 2 ]
1985* [ Eloise in 1985 ] <- JUST ADDED!
2004 [ Eloise: 2-28-04 ]
2004 [ Eloise: 11-14-04 ] <- JUST ADDED!

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